Who We Are?

We help businesses with IT changes

We know the IT changes can be very complex, sensitive and expensive. Every business is unique and has different needs. There are also many IT companies offering products or services which may or may not be suitable. What to choose then? Don’t worry, we are here to help you, effectively and with no compromises. We aim to help companies to go through the IT change process easily with the lowest possible expenses by providing all inputs for any kind of IT changes.

Business Analysis

Every system should support the business and not other way around. The first and most important step of all IT project is proper analysis of company business needs. We are independent company playing always on your side, happy to help you define what you really want from the system and capture your needs to clear business requirements. These business requirements are not only handed over to software supplier by us, but they are used for future Quality Assurance check, as the customer must get what asked for.

Mapping of Company processes

Even great companies sometimes don’t know who is doing what, how and why or don’t have any documentation trails established. Whether you are implementing a new system or you are close to process audit or just growing too fast, you may really need to see all company processes in relation to each other in one tidy place. Leave the leg work to create all the business and system processes to our experienced team, which frees you up to focus on running the business.

Solution Architecture

All organisations need to be backed by the correct system environment to effectively support the business as usual activities and minimising manual interventions. Only an independent Solution Architect can truly consider the options such system environment should cover and advise what, where and how improvements should be applied. We are experienced in analysing current and potential future systems and highlight various possibilities and improvements.

Release and Change management

Every system release or change can be more comfortable if it runs smoothly and with proper backup plan. Our experienced change management team has the skills to guide your organisation smoothly through any system changes. We will ensure your business activities are continuously improving through the changeover process. 

Quality Assurance

The most effective way to ensure your system is performing as expected, is to have an independent Quality Assurance service. We will make sure, that everything is working 100% correctly and synchronized with your business requirements.


PRivacy Act Alignment

The best time when to analyze the company privacy act alignment level is before the breach of the privacy act. There is a lot of channels where different companies getting Personally Identifiable Information from the customers and many ways how to store these. Early internal analysis can save a lot of money and potential reputation loss. We can discreetly help you to analyze potential problems and design the most effective solution on how to eliminate the weakneses.